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At GNY our mission is to decentralize machine learning tools on the blockchain to make them more accessible, powerful, and secure. This is uncharted territory, so our technical team frequently releases demonstrations of technical milestones, user instructions, and recordings of our coding sessions for our community to better understand our products.


To see how these demonstrations correspond to our product roll-out timeline please visit the Technical page. 


GNY API Demo with Oraclize

How It Works:

Our API uses Oraclize to facilitate secure data transfers between GNY’s machine learning, your data on the blockchain, and real time customer behaviors. To interface successfully with the API developers should be comfortable with solidity.

After you register for our API tool we will send you a unique GNY API Key, as well as data templates, and a user guide to optimize the set up of your GNY recommendations.

Who is GNY API Beta designed for?

GNY API Beta is optimized for retail and publishing predictions. So it can recommend specific products for customers, or specific articles based on their user history.

How to Get Started

You can use GNY API Beta in five easy steps.

1. Register using our API Beta Registration Form;

2. Follow the instructions to make your initial payment. We are making the GNY API Beta available at an initial fee of 2,500LML/month. We use this initial payment for uploading and training GNY with your historical data. Once this is done, it will give you access to the GNY API Beta for 1 month, and can be customized for volume of recommendations after the first month;

3. Organize your data using our data definition templates provided via email, and upload using our secure FTP (for users with historical data);

4. Set up your GNY engine using our GNY User Guide (provided in post registration email) in Oracalize;

5. Enjoy powerful, relevant predictions for your customers that are ever improving. The API access will last for 1 month, and can be renewed by an additional payments of 2,500 LML tokens.

Ready to get started? Click through to this Registration Form to start the journey to improving your connection to your customer.


Decentralized GNY on a Private Blockchain Demo

Our API Demo allows you to test our decentralized machine learning on your private Dpos network. This is the first working model ever of a machine learning software built in directly to a blockchain. 


This demo is a precursor to the release of GNY Centre in Fall 2019. GNY Centre will allow users to build GNY machine learning functionality into their own private chains, or build an entirely new app, with integrated machine learning functionality, as a sidechain on the GNY platform.


The following resources are meant to help you access this API Demo and run it for yourself:

· Step by step instructions for how to set up the system on your computer

· Links to download a Dpos Network and the incorporated ML platform

· 2 Sample sets of data representing two day’s retail salesThe video below describes the content of the demo, and and provides some context about how our main chain will be more refined and easier to use.


Demonstration of GNY Retail

This Demo is set for release July 4th, and will demonstrate how GNY can predict purchases for large groups of retail customers based on past purchase history.