GNY (pronounced "gee-nie") began with a patent-pending advanced machine learning system, and the desire to decentralise it.  We discovered machine learning becomes more accessible and more powerful when distributed and reinforced on the blockchain.


So we built our own DPoS blockchain to host our machine learning system.


As the system developed it became clear to us that the GNY blockchain we created was extremely versatile.  It offered benefits far more wide-ranging than just decentralised machine learning alone; and it could offer them to a much wider base of developers and enterprises


We decided to make it so that anyone could access GNY's powerful set of tools to launch and host projects from conception to implementation in the most developer friendly environment built around artificial intelligence


Built in typescript, the GNY platform is your....

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The GNY Platform Provides Its Users With:

The ability to harness the power of a blockchain technology that is secure & scalable

A launchpad for your own cryptographic tokens, decentralised applications & sidechain projects

Access to our commercial grade machine learning directly on chain to realise the true potential of your data

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GNY Dataplace- a better way to share, invest in, and monetize high quality data and ML.

Latest News

The GNY project was proud to be featured by FORBES as a blockchain-based approach for improving data quality in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic

GNY Documentation

Read our Technical Whitepaper

Read our Usecase Whitepaper

Machine learning solution implemented using a blockchain; Patent pending documents

See our cross
chain functionality

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Read about our our first demo of fully decentralized machine learning

A Message From Cosmas Wong, GNY CEO

 "By distributing GNY's machine learning system on the blockchain, we are letting a company or a group or consortium of companies that normally share data, to build a GNY side chain so that the necessary data is shared and used securely within that group, and all processing is done on-chain. Nothing leaves the security of the chain.

Developing the scope & capability of GNY will be in constant evolution along with heading towards our sidechain solution for token deployment and onboarding partners & developers to the system."

We at GNY wish to connect with you.

Have a look at what we can offer you as a :


Richard Jarritt

Founder, Chief R&D Officer

A specialist at team building to tackle back-end coding for crypto exchanges, masternode sharing, governance control solutions and network maintenance. 


Peter Davies

Peter spent his entire legal career in practice as an in-house counsel, principally for technology companies including Microsoft, IBM and, before his retirement, as Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs at Apple Europe.

Thomas Lorenc

Tom is an experienced technology leader and data scientist with a PhD in Computer Science who enjoys architecting and building cutting edge interactive tech including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, mobile, web applications and ecommerce systems. 

Leo Liang
Head of Blockchain

​Leo is an expert in JavaScript, Python, MySQL and MongoDB who has built many innovative and practical solutions with blockchain. He focuses on bringing blockchain accessibility to industries and has offered many tech solutions  (including sidechain technology) to Chinese blockchain projects. 

Zachary Barnett
Head of Operations

​Zach is an experienced social entrepreneur with 10+ years’ experience in strategic planning, fund-raising, partnerships, and media campaigns to grow great ideas into transformational products. He excels at finding creative solutions for business development challenges that deliver results, and provide value for all partners. 


James Kilkelly

Marketing & Community Manager 

James knows what it is to nurture individuals, plus grow and aid communities, especially those spread across the globe.  As a communicator he draws on his experience as a newspaper columnist, Postgraduate tutor, and distance learning course author to enlighten, support, and enthuse readers and listeners.

Project Timeline


Q1 2021

GNY Mainchain Launch


Q2 2021

GNY Dataplace Launch


Q3 2021

GNY Sidechain Functionality


Q4 2021

GNY Brain Fully Decentralized on GNY Mainchain

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