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About - Where We Came From & Where We Are Going 

A brief history

GNY was born in 2015 to answer a specific question: how can the vast amounts of digital data left behind by people be organised and analysed to provide business, marketing, and social impact solutions that are predictive, adaptive, and responsive?

GNY's patented machine learning identifies repeatable patterns, and learning components that constantly adapt to our ever changing behaviour.  It does this by responding to millions of independent variable features while using hundreds of machine learning algorithms in parallel, in order to predict defined business values.

But there was an issue.  Offering this service as a consulting service limited the number of customers we could reach because this kind of consulting is expensive. So we had a crazy idea. What if we decentralised our machine learning platform on the blockchain so anyone could access it?


We followed that idea and built our own native blockchain to host our machine learning system. 

As the system developed it became clear to us that the GNY blockchain we were creating was extremely versatile.  It offered benefits far more wide-ranging than just decentralised machine learning alone; and it offered them to a much wider base of developers and enterprises


We decided to make it so that anyone could access GNY's powerful set of tools to launch and host projects from conception to implementation in the most developer friendly environment built around artificial intelligence


Built in typescript, the GNY platform is your...

GNY Centre, our platform for creating blockchain applications will be launched later this year and will be a powerful tool that can be used by anyone who needs a predictive platform for their business. With GNY Centre, we expect to see a step change in machine learning power as we harness blockchain to improve the consistency, and security of input data.


To add greater functionality, we have worked closely with our partners to bring cross chain capability into our ecosystem. Whether you are adding our machine learning to an exisiting chain, or building a brand new application as a sidechain to GNY Centre, GNY can help unlock the hidden value in your data.

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