Knowledge Is Power 

One of the pillars of the GNY platform is our system to allow enterprises securely unlock the hidden value in their data through advanced machine learning. For some companies this also involves building a system that integrates blockchain, for others it does not. Regardless, the first steps are the same, and it all starts with your data.

Deploying machine learning intelligently demands a complex understanding of your current data position, your goals, expectations of price, time to deployment, and desired results.

That’s why we designed the GNY Data Diagnostic.

GNY Data Diagnostic

The data diagnostic service is offered as a flat fee service in the AWS Marketplace, and a free introductory consultation allows clients to explore the service with no obligation. AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Tailor-made Machine Learning solutions

The Goal of the GNY Data Diagnostic is to marry your business goals with data driven Machine Learning outcomes, and then design a data system that will allow you to achieve both. The GNY platform offers both tailor-made ML solutions, as well as open source blockchain powered solutions to ensure we provide value to many types of organisations.


Our Data Diagnostic is comprised of 4 main sections:


- Education

- Discovery

- Data Analysis

- Recommendations

Quality In Delivers Quality Out

The GNY Data Diagnostic analyzes a company’s datasets and detects if their historical data is strong enough for effective machine learning, or if weak or inconsistent datasets could skew the predictions and end up weakening the results. In such a situation we can suggest moves to mitigate any data shortcomings.


GNY’s Data Diagnostic team offers everything businesses need to become AI-ready, from education about AI basics and how predictive analytics works, to learning about the company’s data collection practices, to offering a tailored solution.


The Data Diagnostic result includes a detailed analysis of the historical data, what needs to be done to prepare for supporting ML, as well as an analysis of the digital architecture's ability to support the particular company’s business goals.

Allow Us To Reveal Your Data's Potential

GNY offers a free introductory consultation via the AWS Marketplace. 

​Or contact us via email to ask about a personalised solution for your enterprise: