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A Smart, Secure Data Solution For Enterprises That Leverages Blockchain

Turning Network Concepts Into Reality

For enterprises, plug-n-play solutions are rarely an answer to any serious issue or goal, because success at the enterprise level is nuanced, precise, and requires customization. GNY has both the capabilities and the expertise to solve for complex network needs as well as cutting edge machine learning solutions.

The various services we offer are :


- Consultation for machine learning solutions relating to customer acquisition, fraud detection, and operational optimization.


- Blockchain technology consultation to determine security requirements, analyze existing networks security, and transaction per second optimization.


- Creation of custom sidechains


- Blockchain networks that are custom designed, built, and maintained by our team.

Complex Processes Made Easier For Enterprises

It's true; the requirements to launch and maintain smart, secure data solutions for enterprises are complex, because they must be thorough with regard to every detail.

At GNY we bring our own experience in large complex data sets to craft secure custom solutions whether they are centered on machine learning, blockchain or a fusion of both. This is where our history in ML and deep familiarity in data prep and processing brings a layer of value to enterprises seeking data solutions on and off chain. 

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One of our offerings is our Data Diagnostic service which is provided as a flat fee service in the AWS Marketplace. It has the initial benefit of a free consultation allowing clients to explore the service with no obligation. 

We Can Be Your Data Solution Provider

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