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Developers Seeking a Software Solution - 

We have got you covered. 

Building Blockchain Dapps With Ease

The goal of the GNY developer solutions platform is to make launching your blockchain powered project as easy as possible. 

That means providing you with easy steps that to allow you to :


- Launch your own tokens


- Run plug-n-play machine learning contracts.


- Build custom ML contracts with our Jupyter Notebooks plug in.


- Skin your projects front end with HTML.

- Connect to other blockchain systems with cross chain technology.

- Collaborate with other individuals, groups or teams with our platform that provides options for private or public data sharing.

GNY Does The Heavy Lifting

While launching your tokens, running contracts, or getting set up on other networks requires a high level of skill, we have taken a lot of the hard work out for you. Thus enabling you to make your blockchain wishes come true with essentially just a couple of clicks.  


The ease of getting started with GNY does not rule out building custom and complicated customizations.  From custom machine learning contracts, to developing complex UX front ends to your wallets, the GNY system can scale to the specs your project requires.

GNY's customizations and built in functions are powered by some of the highest transaction speeds and lowest costs of any blockchain platform ensuring that your great idea can scale as needed. 

We can be your Software Solution

​Follow the development of GNY and interact with the team & community on Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Youtube & Github. 

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