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Link Machine Learning 

LML relaunch in progress.

For more details please visit our Telegram group.

​What is LML?

The LML sidechain will be a Machine Learning bridge, to carry information to the GNY blockchain and link out to many other blockchains. It will act as the ML data carrier of the blockchain world.
LML's increased network traffic will drive GNY value, along with its own, and it will be a busy part of the GNY world.


Link Machine Learning tokens were originally available to all the participants who used Lisk tokens to enter the GNY ICO. The network matched the number of tokens 1:1. Such participants received two sets of tokens; one set for use in the “Link Machine Learning” (L.M.L) blockchain, and the other set for use in the GNY blockchain.

After the initial ICO both GNY and LML tokens were available for trading on a number of exchanges.​

​Where can I buy/trade LML Tokens?

LML is currently traded at BitBay and UniSwap, and other exchanges are forthcoming. You can click the icons below to be taken directly to the individual trading options.

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An alternative route to purchase LML on UniSwap is to visit app.uniswap.org/#/swap then simply add the following LML token contract and you are ready to trade: 0x25b6325f5bb1c1e03cfbc3e53f470e1f1ca022e3

​What is GNY doing for those who suffered LML losses during the Cryptopia hack?

We are taking all actions possible to protect our customers and restore the trading integrity of LML. 

Keep up to date

​Hear about the latest token and exchange news as soon as it happens by watching out for our announcements on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium. 

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