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​What is LML?

The GNY team's battle-tested ML system will bring a secure, collaborative platform for machine learning, data capture and analysis to the Lisk blockchain project through LML (Lisk Machine Learning).

The LML project was created exclusively for one of our favorite blockchain development teams, LISK. LML will allow the Lisk ecosystem to add our machine learning capability to any sidechains they deploy.

​Who is LML aimed at?

Customers who are building new digital applications through the SDK on the Lisk Network and wish to incorporate GNY's machine learning tech.​ It will offer users the full range of GNY on-chain machine learning tools and Algo's specifically geared for the LISK environment as well a future roadmap to bring Cross-chain capability.

Developers will have the tools to reach consumers with better and more genuine interactions. The additional of ML built in to the LISK network will provide an advantage to developers in insurance, medical, and a near limitless combination of Dapps build on the platform.

​LML development timeline

GNY and LML are both standalone projects, but intertwined in development. Every development for GNY will benefit LML and vice-versa.


LML's progress within the Lisk ecosystem depends most on the two elements in the top right hand side of the LISK graphic below. The GNY team are eager to launch LML as soon as possible and look to LISK HQ for updates and timelines. Clicking the graphic will take you to the most up-to-date snapshot of the Lisk timeline.

Lisk blockchain platform roadmap
​The LML Token

Lisk Machine Learning tokens were originally available to all the participants who used Lisk tokens to enter the GNY ICO. The network matched the number of tokens 1:1. Such participants received two sets of tokens; one set for use in the “Lisk Machine Learning” (L.M.L) blockchain, and the other set for use in the GNY blockchain.


After the initial ICO both GNY and LML tokens were available for trading on a number of exchanges.

The LML token (currently an ERC-20 token) will swap to a Lisk sidechain token when the GNY team feel the Lisk SDK/sidechains are at a stage that allows them to progress with the development of LML.

​Where can I buy/trade LML Tokens?

LML is currently traded at BitBay, and other exchanges are forthcoming, but first we are stablizing the trading price after the Cryptopia Hack.

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​What is GNY doing for those who suffered LML losses during the Cryptopia hack?

We are taking all actions possible to protect our customers and restore the trading integrity of LML. 

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