Welcome to your resource guide for the upcoming GNY Mainnet.

This page will be constantly updated with the latest information over the course of the next number of weeks leading up to Mainnet launch. 

Here is index of the topics that will be covered on this page by the time Mainnet fully rolls out in Q1 of 2021.  

Those include:

  • Mainnet Launch Phase Announcements

  • Updated Web Wallet Resources

  • Delegate (Node Operator) Guide

  • Delegate Voting; a "How To" for token holders)

  • Reward guidelines for both node Operators and their voters

  • SwapGate User Guide. The swapgate is an innovative in wallet feature to move tokens from the current GNYerc20 tokens to GNY mainnet tokens.

  • Data Definitions and Requirements for Running GNY ML on Mainnet

Our latest Mainnet information graphic release is the publication of our Mainnet launch stages. You can see them HERE.

Mainnet Delegate Migration Phase

GNY's Mainnet roll out is currently in the "Delegate Migration Phase".  This is the third part of our five-part phased roll out of Mainnet.  
The phases are as follows:

  1. Systems Check (Stage Complete)

  2. Initiation (Stage Complete)

  3. Delegate Migration (Current Stage in Progress) 

  4. Swapgate Activation

  5. Mainnet Full Power

GNY is a first of a kind ecosystem, first of a kind tech, and it has its own unique procedures we follow for safety and stability.

What is "Delegate Migration Phase" and what does it mean for you?

Our previous phase, the "Initiation phase" was the starting of the blockchain itself; the genesis.  
The GNY mainchain is now running and confirmed to be stable.

✔  This has now been achieved (6th Feb 2021).


The GNY wallet is now able to connect to the network.

  This has now been achieved (6th Feb 2021).


With the GNY wallet able to connect to the network it means that members of the GNY community can now create wallet accounts.

The GNY Mainnet wallet can be accessed here:

The wallet is currently optimised for desktop; mobile to follow.


Please note:

🔴  Tokens cannot be moved to the wallet currently, as this requires GNY's Swapgate to be active.

🔴  Do not attempt to send the GNYerc20 token to the wallet.


So now we have entered the "Delegate Migration Phase" of the GNY mainnet roll out. Within this phase the GNY team are beginning the Mainnet migration of the delegates and their tokens.  The delegates are the node operators on our network and they will give the network its security, process its transactions, and aid with GNY's machine learning functionality. The GNY team will announce when this delegate migration is complete.
If you are not a delegate then simply take your ease and wait. There are more phases of the Mainnet yet to roll out and this particular phase just concerns the delegates. 
To repeat... If you are not a delegate then you need to do nothing at present. All is good.


What's next for the Mainnet roll out?

Please note:

🔴  The functions mentioned below are currently not active and we detail them to provide you with clarity.


The next upcoming phase is the "Swapgate Activation".  Once the delegates are secure, then we will open GNY's specially designed gate function to convert the current GNYerc20 token to the GNY Mainnet token.  Please be aware that the GNYerc20 token does not immediately have to go through our specially designed Swapgate and convert to the GNY native token.

The existing GNYerc20 token will give traders long term access to Uniswap and other DEX's, so if your focus is decentralised trading, then you can continue to use the tokens as you are currently. We are planning multiple years of access with that token and Uniswap. Our community seems to love the opportunity of decentralised trading that the GNYerc20 token offers and we are happy to provide it.


Many users however may want to move their tokens onto Mainnet, to vote for delegates on the network, to register as a delegate node operator, and also use tokens for functionality inside GNY DATAplace and other utility functions that may emerge.


During all the phases of GNY’s Mainnet launch the chain is not producing any rewards, so you're not missing out on anything, and no one is getting an unfair advantage over you.  This phases are being carried out for your safety and to smoothly switch on the whole network.


We hope that all the above is clear.

We do everything step by step, nice and safe, and together achieve a world's first as a group; the launch of a machine learning predictive platform distributed on the blockchain.

Please check back here regularly for further updates.

We also have a GNY announcement channel on Telegram which you can follow to receive notifications of updates as-and-when they are released:
Please share this channel with your friends in the space. 

Did you know?


GNY mainnet will produce a block every 10 seconds.

There will be a 2 GNY per block reward for the first year.

With this reward structure each forging delegate (node operator) has the ability to gain 62488 GNY (in that year) for securing the GNY network.

Block reward reduces at a rate of 0.5 GNY per year until it hits a permanent 0.5 GNY floor. 

​ Limited (as the issuer of the GNY tokens) has obtained a specific consent from the Jersey Company Registry, part of the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Whilst this consent does not give the ICO or Limited a ‘regulated’ status, it mandates a set of conditions designed to ensure that Limited meets specific standards in terms of governance, investor disclosure and AML/CFT compliance.

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