Welcome to your resource guide for the upcoming GNY Mainnet.

This page will be constantly updated with the latest information over the course of the next number of weeks leading up to Mainnet launch. 

For now you can find an index of the topics that will be covered on this page by the time Mainnet Launches in Q1 of 2021.  

Those include:

  • Delegate (Node Operator) Guide

  • Delegate Voting; a "How To" for token holders)

  • Reward guidelines for both node Operators and their voters

  • SwapGate User Guide. The swapgate is an innovative in wallet feature to move tokens from the current GNYerc20 tokens to GNY mainnet tokens.

  • Mainnet Launch Date Announcement

  • Updated Web Wallet Resources

  • Data Definitions and Requirements for Running GNY ML on Mainnet

You can check back here regularly for updates.

We also have a GNY announcement channel on Telegram which you can follow to receive notifications of updates as and when they are released:
Please share this channel with your friends in the space. 

GNY mainnet will produce a block every 10 seconds.


There will be a 2 GNY per block reward for the first year.

With this reward structure each forging delegate (node operator) has the ability to gain 62488 GNY (yearly) for securing the GNY network.


Block reward reduces at a rate of 0.5 GNY per year until it hits a permanent 0.5 GNY floor. 

​ Limited (as the issuer of the GNY tokens) has obtained a specific consent from the Jersey Company Registry, part of the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Whilst this consent does not give the ICO or Limited a ‘regulated’ status, it mandates a set of conditions designed to ensure that Limited meets specific standards in terms of governance, investor disclosure and AML/CFT compliance.

All US business is done through our affiliate Grey Jean Technologies LLC 

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