Mainnet launch stages
mainnet gauge 3.jpg

Following a year of Testnet improvements, our pioneer delegates are confirming stability of the final updates for GNY Mainnet. 

Systems Check (Stage Complete) ✓ 

mainnet checklist darkened.jpg

Initiation (Stage complete) ✓

GNY is the first ML-powered platform with an in-wallet SwapGate along with token creation contract. Mainnet chain is currently being initiated by the team and is in progress. Await new wallet links to be posted.  

mainnet onboard.jpg

Delegate Migration (Continual Process) ✓

Our Pioneer Delegates will be the first to secure Mainnet, and will be migrated over with supporting assistance from the GNY tech team. 

mainnet plug.jpg

Swapgate Activation (Stage complete) ✓ 

Testnet delegates and the GNY team have signaled Mainnet initiation, and servers have been brought online. Swapgate monitoring will go live and is active.

mainnet fully on.jpg

Mainnet Full Power (Stage complete) ✓

With GNY Mainnet running smoothly our SwapGate is now open. In the upcoming weeks GNY mainnet token holders and delegate node operators will participate in the democratic process of voting in the 101 delegates that secure the GNY network.