Advances in Machine learning and the proliferation of generative design with ReThink! Tile Studio

GNY IO team are pleased to bring forward the first enterprise group who will be using the LML Lisk machine learning platform and bring you a statement from the studio:


La Nova Tile Importers (, in collaboration with ReThink! Tile Studio (, and GNY LML Machine Learning Platform ( using the LISK blockchain ( will collaborate on a project that will utilize artificial intelligence technology to algorithmically generate realistic images of common materials such as natural stone, cements, or even wood varieties. The intent is to provide the manufacturing sector a deterministic and non-repeating image base to print onto products such as ceramic tiles, fabrics, vinyl, etc.

Once the computer learning algorithm has been successful in recreating a particular type of product, for example a specific type or marble, the team will utilize Interface Tokens ( and the Art Blocks platform ( to manage the purchasing and ownership of the generated graphical outputs. The entire ecosystem will operate on blockchain technology in a price agnostic ecosystem intended to disrupt legacy manufacturing processes that use pre-defined image sets printed repeatedly over the course of large scale manufacturing cycles.

GNY IO looks forward to bringing you interviews from the Rethink! Studio and welcome the first enterprise group to our ecosystem.

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