GNY Bug Bounty

**Announcing the GNY Testnet Bug Bounty Program**

GNY is the first company to decentralize advanced machine learning software across the nodes of a blockchain, and with that comes some big responsibilities. Chief amongst those responsibilities is the security of our network. We want all clients of the GNY machine learning platform to have the utmost confidence they are interacting with a stable and secure network.

The GNY security team is doing their part to ensure their project is bug-free, but we would also like members of our community to scrutinise the code. To encourage this we are now pleased to announce the start of our official Bug Bounty Program as of 02.03.2020

We are offering bounties based on four different threat levels:

LOW: 40 USD value worth of GNY tokens

MEDIUM: 75 USD value worth of GNY tokens

HIGH: 125 USD value worth of GNY tokens

CRITICAL: 200 USD value worth of GNY tokens

How to apply: Email with a detailed explanation of any vulnerability you discover. Within the email, please include what category of threat you believe it poses (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, or CRITICAL).

We ask that you do not disclose the bug publicly on any channels until you have received permission to do so from a GNY team member.

At GNY our mission is to decentralize machine learning tools on the blockchain to make them more accessible, powerful, and secure. We look forward to having you add to that strength and security.

Please join us over on the GNY Testnet channel to begin:

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