GNY Eyes Smart City Opportunities, Announces New Ambassador

Updated: Feb 8

San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, and like most burgeoning urban centers, it struggles with optimizing transportation, accessibility, and sustainability.

Recently, the GNY team obtained access to city data across a wide range of civic services in the San Antonio, TX area. Our friend and fellow technologist Javier Guerra, from the local San Antonio organization BLOCquarry, facilitated the opportunity. Javier suggested that we partner and make suggestions for the improvement of area transportation, access to services, and sustainability for the local community.

Using GNY AI to empower a more accessible, safe, and sustainable future is a core-value to the entire team, so we were immediately thrilled to start learning how we could apply our machine-learning technology to the smart city movement.

Together, the GNY and BLOCquarry team analyzed data sets and decided to focus the GNY machine-learning system on tackling transportation challenges.

As we analyzed the open-data sets of the bike-share program, bus services, and google traffic information, we uncovered opportunities to positively impact and optimize these key civic service areas.

Our aligned efforts have led to some great insights, fresh partnerships, and a strong appetite to get more involved with the smart-city movement. We’ve packaged up our findings and are preparing them for presentation to civic leadership.

A few of our initial findings are as follows:

•Without an influx of funding for light rail, or another public transit system the next best solution is increasing the “walkability” of the city center, optimization of bus services, and supporting increased bike access for the city.

Redeploying existing resources more productively will benefit locals with faster bike-share and bus commute times.

•Designing bike and bus networks that allows passengers to access as much of San Antonio as possible with minimal new stops and bike-share hubs added.

•Our initial research highlights key problem areas, and starts to define areas that merit further exploration.

Emerging from this close working alliance, the GNY team is proud to announce that Javier will be leading the way for, our new official US Ambassador. Javier recently co-founded myMOBY to address the global need for “Community Driven Delegate Services”. myMOBY is comprised of a solid team of community-focused innovators with a wide range of business and technical expertise. myMOBY will be driving social awareness about the customizable machine-learning power of

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