GNY Featured on ChainNode, China's Leading Blockchain Site

GNY Head of Blockchain Leo Liang being interviewed by Xiao Yan on China's largest blockchain website

China’s President Xi Jinping has publicly called blockchain a technological priority of the 21 century and the number of sanctioned projects there is growing steadily. Citing a report by Blockdata, states that there are 263 blockchain-related projects in China, accounting for 25 percent of the global total. The GNY team was very excited when ChainNode, China's leading blockchain website, invited our head of blockchain, Leo Liang for an live-streamed interview. To provide extra motivation for audience engagement, ChainNode organized a airdrop of 50,000 GNY coins to virtual attendees who registered and streamed the interview. A staggering 100,000+ people tuned in! During the 90 minute interview host Xiao Yan helped direct the 1000+ comments from the audience, mostly centered around the technical timeline and when they could expect to see GNY partnerships in China. You can watch the entire interview here, it kicks in about 8:30, so jump ahead to that point.

Viewer sourced questions helped drive the 90 minute interview with Leo and Xiao

Many Chinese blockchain enthusiasts are wary of flashy projects that make huge promises akin to the numerous companies that popped up in the 2017 bull market, raised huge ICOs, and then disappeared. Leo's interview on ChainNode showed Chinese audiences exactly the opposite mentality. Instead of using big words to drive bigger promises, Leo walked the virtual attendees through the methodical way GNY is going about building a new technology service, step-by-step. Many viewers were excited to see a project that was "real blockchain" and this project seemed more "reliable" than others. From Leo "I felt relaxed and was happy I could answer all the questions. It seems like the audience found our project to reliable and our team to be steady, which is great." This attention comes at a great time as EliteX, the first Lisk ecosystem supported crypto exchange in the world, is preparing to launch the trade of GNY tokens in a few weeks. "Right now we know that there are so many excellent developers in the Lisk ecosystem', said one EliteX executive, "We would like to connect the Lisk Center Utrecht, Elite Center, and other Lisk enthusiasts to all of the incredible talent and interest around Lisk in Asia." We are hoping to announce an official launch date for the listing of the GNY Token on EliteX in the coming weeks. More to come!

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