Launches AWS Powered Machine Learning Prep Service

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

According to Forbes, demand for Machine Learning is growing at an astonishing rate, with the large majority of organisations surveyed reporting that they were using or investigating Machine Learning in their operations. This trend is seen across verticals, markets, organisation sizes, geographies and public-private boundaries. For all practical purposes, where there is data, there will soon be a need for AI.

But is your business ready for Machine Learning? This question can be intimidating to growing small to mid-sized companies that lack a dedicated data scientist.

To help companies successful (and economically) prepare for Machine Learning, has launched a SAAS service on the AWS Marketplace. The Data Diagnostic was created to help companies assess the health and readiness of their datasets for Machine Learning.

The GNY Data Diagnostic is a $5,000 flat fee service that with a free trial period.

The Data Diagnostic will:

-Educate on ML requirements, infrastructure, pitfalls, and program design

-Analyse existing datasets

-Recommend digital architecture improvements

-Score the health of existing data for ML, and make strategic suggestions for successful launch and best practices

Skilfully deployed ML can make your business:

  • more profitable

  • more efficient

  • more relevant to customers

How you prepare and deploy your ML programs makes all the difference. Only 1 in 3 projects are successful despite the fact that 74% of companies hope to improve business outcomes with ML. Stop procrastinating and get prepared for ML with the Data Diagnostic.

Visit our AWS Marketplace page here to sign up for a free trial with a valid AWS account.

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