GNY Pancake Trading & GNY BSC Swapgate Integration Announcement

GNY is the world's-first machine learning predictive platform distributed on the blockchain.

We believe that machine learning can be a force for good for solving the world’s most pressing problems, but it needs to be accessible, cost-effective, and secure.

These core values permeate all of GNY's enhancements and marketplace decisions, and with them in mind we are now happy to announce the listing of the GNY token on the Binance DEX known as PancakeSwap. This extremely popular decentralised exchange platform is known for secure trading, low fees and enhanced user experience.

Trading commences: 8th March 2021

How to trade GNY on PancakeSwap:

Currently GNY on the Bep-20 network is pooled with BUSD, the Binance USD token, you can use this token to purchase GNY via pancake swap:

Go to:

Select a token by pasting GNY token address: 0xe4A4Ad6E0B773f47D28f548742a23eFD73798332

How to connect to Binance Smart Chain and check BEP20 GNY in MetaMask wallet:

Use MetaMask to access Binance Smart Chain

Connect Your MetaMask With Binance Smart Chain:

1. Go to setting page

2. Add a new network

• RPC:

• ChainID: 56 in decimal (if 56 doesn’t work, try 0x38)

• Symbol: BNB

• Block Explorer:

Add GNY token: 0xe4A4Ad6E0B773f47D28f548742a23eFD73798332


As part of our innovative token ecosystem users this week will be able to move GNYECR20 tokens to GNY Mainnet via our in wallet swapgate with metamask support.

Following our listing with PancakeSwap users will soon be able to move tokens from GNY mainnet to the BSC smart chain using our in wallet swapgate to trade GNY tokens in the popular Pancakeswap Dex. As with our GNYERC20 chain, users lock up tokens to transfer over to GNY Mainnet, this also applies to any tokens moving to the BSC BEP20 GNY contract (found here

*Please note that during the initial launch phase of GNY tokens being released into the pancake swap pool that all tokens are backed by the corresponding correct liquidity value set by market rate as defined by the price on uniswap. Preserving market integrity is always the highest priority to the GNY.IO team.

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