Launch Your Own Crypto-Tokens With GNY

This winter GNY will launch our Mainnet; delivering a fully operational blockchain platform where users can build their own blockchain-powered projects. Our goal is to provide easy to access tools for every step of the blockchain business process. Our products will be easier and cheaper to use than the competition, and all with accessible on-chain machine learning.

A cornerstone to this entrepreneur suite is the ability for users to launch their own cryptocurrency tokens. Launching tokens with other platforms can be complicated and requires a significant amount of programing knowledge, so we have simplified it greatly.

Right now users can launch their own crypto-tokens directly from their GNY wallets. The token launch function just takes a couple of clicks, and during the initial beta-testing phase of Testnet, this function only costs 500 GNY Tokens. Create your own Testnet wallet Here and grab yourself some GNY Testnet tokens from our faucet Here.

When Mainnet launches this winter, users will still be able to launch tokens from their wallets, and the price will remain the most competitive in the blockchain platform space.

If you have additional questions about the token launch contract, please join our Telegram group as we will be announcing AMAs shortly with our CTO and Head of Blockchain to detail more about all the powerful features included in Mainnet.

Our goal is to provide a superior network, with the highest possible transaction speeds, so that your great ideas can scale and thrive. Don't hesitate to start your blockchain project today. With our growing platform of blockchain tools, offers you... Blockchain On Command.

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