Our Operational ML System In A Blockchain Demo Is Live!

Leo Liang and Tom Lorenc enjoying their bromance in Trafalgar Square

Last week the GNY team met up in London for our All Hands Meeting. It was the first time our developers were able to meet in person - Blockchain and Machine Learning together at last! It was Spring in London and there was developer love in the air!

By the end of the weekend, Tom and Leo had achieved a true first - a machine learning platform integrated into a Dpos network! We are excited to share it with you now through the following resources:

· Links to download a Dpos Network and the incorporated ML platform

· 2 Sample sets of data representing two day’s retail sales

· Step by step instructions for how to set up the system on your computer

The video below describes the content of the demo, and and provides some context about how our main chain will be more refined and easier to use.

As mentioned previously, later this Summer, we will launch our main chain, called GNY Centre. This platform will allow developers to download all the components they need to run their own machine learning applications. The platform will be “pay-to-play”, powered by purchasing and using GNY tokens. GNY tokens will be available to purchase on the exchange Exrates later this week.

Exciting stuff, and more to come. Thank you to our amazing community for supporting us along this journey!

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