Stage 1 of GNY Mainnet Launch

Updated: Dec 1, 2020


As a necessary step before the launch of Mainnet, GNY.IO has initiated a hard fork of the GNY token to the GNYerc20 token. This planned action is a required preparatory step before the launch of GNY Mainnet, and is being undertaken to protect our product and our community.

This hard fork is part of our chain security upgrade that ensures the integrity of our tokens are upheld as we move towards Mainnet and protect decentralised GNYerc20 trading. It also clarifies the naming of our tokens so that the Mainnet token will be known as the GNY token and GNY tokens on the ethereum network will be known as GNYerc20 tokens. This new contract and improved security measures will allow us to safeguard our communities’ investment as we move into Mainnet at full speed.

The following points are critical and will cover 99% of the questions asked by our users:

  • 100% of Uniswap liquidity is moving over to the new token today (24th of November 2020).

  • Total token amount and circulating token amount are not changing.

  • GNY token holders were sucessfully airdropped the new GNYerc20 token into their wallets.

  • The new GNYerc20 token contract is 0xb1f871Ae9462F1b2C6826E88A7827e76f86751d4

  • Should you be having an issue loading the new GNYerc20 in your wallet, we suggest removing the old contract, and loading the following as a new custom contract: Contract: 0xb1f871Ae9462F1b2C6826E88A7827e76f86751d4 decimal:18 then symbol "GNY20"

  • Please do not send any transactions on the old contract address. The old token is not tradable. Exchanges have been asked not to accept any incoming transactions after this notice was issued.

  • If you have GNY tokens on an exchange then be assured that the GNY swap team have been providing support to all these exchanges regarding the swap, however the trade reopening time is up to the exchanges themselves. As they arrive in we will provide updates on your exchanges progress regarding the token swap. Bitmart are being sent their new tokens today (1/12/20) and are getting ready to restart according to their tech team. Hotbit have been in contact with our swap team and are working towards the reopen of trading. For those experiencing difficulty regarding the pace of the Hotbit swap we suggest you contact the exchange regarding your personal situation. For answers you can reach them on telegram via or fill out the contact form on their website

  • Only GNYerc20 tokens will be allowed to pass through the future GNY mainnet swap gate.

  • Decentralised GNYerc20 trading will be supported by the GNY.IO team long term. One of these trading avenues is via the Uniswap decentralised exchange, and we are pleased to announce that GNYerc20 tokens are now available to trade there. Visit Then simply add the following GNY token contract and you are ready to trade: 0xb1f871ae9462f1b2c6826e88a7827e76f86751d4

  • You can easily check out the GNY token position on UNISWAP with the dextools explorer: . Please favorite GNY on it. Then further explore your GNY token purchase & trading options on other exchanges by visiting:

Our team will continue to update this page throughout the swap, as well as on our Telegram and Twitter channels. Our plan is executing on schedule, but if you have additional questions please join us on Telegram and one of our team members will be on hand to aid you.

Thank you for the support. We are looking forward to an incredible Mainnet launch, and for GNY to continue to grant your wishes.


The GNY Team

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