Statement from GNY’s chairman Peter Davies

March 10, 2021

Peter Davies, chairman of GNY board of directors

GNY has successfully launched the first blockchain with decentralized machine learning with predictive capabilities, built into its wallet. This is a fantastic achievement and I congratulate the team. For me, GNY stands out as a group of hugely talented and committed individuals, focused on delivering on the company’s business plans and doing so within the timescale it sets itself. Along the road leading to this Mainnet launch, the GNY team has consistently met its goals and shown its commitment to honest and transparent communication with its stakeholders and the wider community. Mainnet is the launch pad from which GNY will execute its vision of making ML and data capabilities more democratic and accessible. Members of our community have reached out with data projects and ML opportunities that GNY can help them address and I’m confident that Mainnet will open up many new possibilities for innovative, added-value data services. I’m especially excited to see that customised enterprise solutions will be available for larger customers. GNY will continue to help solve business problems and present new opportunities, using ground-breaking technology and data analysis techniques. Apart from the opportunities in business, I have been impressed by GNY’s commitment from the outset to good global citizenship. I enthusiastically support GNY’s Magic Wish Grant, which gives the company the chance to contribute its technology to non-profits who need data solutions.

In November this year, the 26th Climate Change Conference will be held in Glasgow. GNY, its founders, board of directors and its employees stand alongside the many, many others who believe this subject to be one of the greatest challenges of our age. The company has begun to publish use cases, applying GNY technology’s incredible analytical power to the problems we face and to the data which reveal the seriousness of the threats before us. We look forward to working with others to apply the power of our technology to protect our planet.

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