In the past several weeks, we have seen the Coronavirus COVID-19 spread and cause huge disruptions, first in China, and now throughout the world. Governments in the UK, Europe and the United States are taking extraordinary action to mitigate the spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable among us. As our operations are in the UK and the US, we will be affected by these actions and restrictions and plan to follow them exactly. I have therefore asked all employees and contractors to work remotely and our plans for our annual summer off-site in London will also be postponed for now.

As a decentralized organization, we are in a better position than most to ensure that our operations continue and we continue to advance our technological and business goals. We do not anticipate that our development timetable will be interrupted. We will also continue our path towards full decentralization of GNY into Mainnet, and discussions with strategic partners.

Our community has been instrumental in helping us build GNY. You’re our Telegram and WeChat groups, our twitter followers, our bug fixers, our delegates, our investors, our tokenholders. Thank you for your support and we ask that you continue to support us during this period.Thank you. Cosmas Wong, CEO

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​ Limited (as the issuer of the GNY tokens) has obtained a specific consent from the Jersey Company Registry, part of the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Whilst this consent does not give the ICO or Limited a ‘regulated’ status, it mandates a set of conditions designed to ensure that Limited meets specific standards in terms of governance, investor disclosure and AML/CFT compliance.

All US business is done through our affiliate Grey Jean Technologies LLC 

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