Testnet Bounty: Get Paid To Improve Our System

Updated: Jun 16

GNY's Testnet is now live, and we have our first users successfully running nodes on the system. To get more users running nodes, and thus collecting bounties from successful bug identifications, we are now offering to pay users that successfully install and run a GNY node $50USD in GNY Tokens to cover the costs for running the node for a year.

For each successive year that an individual runs the node and the program is active they will receive another $50 in GNY tokens.

In the coming months GNY will release additional use cases, data sets, and simulations for how multiple users can coordinate the confidential and anonymous sharing of data to achieve ML functions on the GNY blockchain. We welcome you to join in on the fun as GNY shapes the way decentralized data sharing and intelligence works in the future.

How to get your GNY tokens for running a node on GNY Testnet.

1. Follow the steps to set up a node on GNY Testnet, documented here.

2. Once you have successfully set up your GNY Testnet node, email us at info@gny.io and let us know that your node is active, and provide your GNY wallet address to receive tokens.

3. Richard will provide you GNY tokens within 48 hours of receipt of your message and confirmation that your node has been successfully activated.

Our Bug Bounty is still active as well.

Below are the bounties for reporting bugs in Testnet.

LOW: 40 USD value worth of GNY tokens

MEDIUM: 75 USD value worth of GNY tokens

HIGH: 125 USD value worth of GNY tokens

CRITICAL: 200 USD value worth of GNY tokens

How to apply: Email info@gny.io with a detailed explanation of any vulnerability you discover. Within the email, please include what category of threat you believe it poses (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, or CRITICAL).

Questions? Reach out to the admins in our Testnet Telegram channel.

Happy Hunting!


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