What's In Your Wallet, William?

As a vehicle to connect and learn more about our most active community members, the #GNY Team created this quarterly segment, What's In Your Wallet? Our debut interview features William Ryan, known to his friends as Billy, interviewed by GNY Team member Zach Barnett.

1. So Billy, tell us where you are during this interview? Hey Zach! I work from home out of my office in West Texas. I moved here last year from Florida.

2. And how did you first hear about GNY.io? I stumbled upon GNY from a good friend of mine. He is dedicated to promoting Lisk adoption, so he encouraged me to check out some of the other projects that are building on the Lisk Platform. After talking with Richard, Zach, and the team, I knew that I was amongst good (and talented) people. Having been in the space for a while, it was refreshing to talk with people who were well versed in the blockchain space. So many new companies were coming into crypto during this time, and a lot of them had very little understanding of how blockchain communities operate, but these guys get it, which I loved. 3. And what made you interested enough to want to take a coin position in the company? Well, for one was the community. I could tell there was a real and vibrant community brewing in the GNY ecosystem. During the bear market, it was difficult to get people excited about new projects because a lot of the hype had exited. Also, GNY has a pretty unique strategy that I really appreciate. In this space, you see a lot of maximalists who are so hung up on one chain, that they sometimes miss other great ideas. GNY is blockchain agnostic, and plans to create several machine learning blockchains based on different programming languages, which makes it versatile, dynamic, and easier to work with. The whole idea is to get people using it, so you really want to remain fluid and provide people with the tools that they are most comfortable using. If you program in Javascript, they have you covered, and there's plans to incorporate several other languages as well. Machine learning is really important, especially for artificial intelligence. These learning algorithms are going to be used and applied in data science, AI, businesses, infrastructure, and the list goes on. This isn't a novelty idea, this is something that is changing the world. Of course I want to be involved in that. I also really like the tokenomics. The GNY token was well thought out, and significant effort was put into ensuring a proper model for demand and utility is in place. Technology is of no use if it does not improve the quality of life, and that's basically how I look at ML. You can use it and apply it to improve the quality of life by increasing efficiencies, improving AI, building better social programs, deep learning, and many, many other use-cases. It really is limitless, and this is really just the beginning. We are really just coming out of the infancy stage right now, and there is so much room for growth. I love what GNY is doing, and how they are applying ML to blockchain technology.  Additionally, GNY is about social impact. They are helping people. GNY has gone out of their way to improve efficiency in several social programs that include public transportation, addiction, human trafficking, and serious diseases. They care about people. That is huge to me, and it is something I can get behind. I can't wait to see other ways they can apply ML to help people who so desperately need it.  4. Have the executives at GNY asked you to do anything scandalous as a super supporter?  Was there any kind of hazing process? ;) Richard yells at me a lot. You wouldn't believe the things he says to me. Just kidding. No, they are absolutely great, and down to earth. Whenever I have had a question, they have had no problems being not only transparent, but taking the time to educate me about the nuances of the GNY platform. This all plays right back into what I was talking about before with community. It is the attitude of the team and how they interact with us that creates the environment that we all work in, together. Having great technology is important, but so is the team and the community. 5. SO besides GNY what other projects are you excited about in the crypto space? I am excited about Bitcoin. I believe we all want to see a healthy ecosystem built on the back of Bitcoin core, but I am not a maximalist. I don't believe Bitcoin needs to solve every problem we have, so I have really grown to love other platforms as well. Notably: Stratis, Lisk, Kambria, MADANA, Icon, Tron (for gaming), and many others. I know there is room for many to succeed. I don't know who will be around in twenty years, but right now, we are seeing a paradigm shift, and people are building disruptive technology that will change this world. It's a matter of fact, so I'm paying close attention. 6. Are you a betting man? I am a probability guy. Everything is a wager in life. If you buy real estate, you are gambling. If you want to plant crops, you are gambling. Everything you do to make a profit requires risk, however, I don't believe in just straight up lottery. I think you have to play the odds, and understand the math behind it, put in the work, and excel at what you do rather than just "hope for the best."  7. Any bets as to what is going to happen to crypto markets in the next year? I think a lot of sideways, ups and downs is going to happen. Basically, I don't know in the short term what will happen. Do I think the bear market is over? No. But I do think the worst of it has already occurred, so we have the opportunity to put our noses in our computers and get to work building the future. It's only a matter of time before it starts getting adopted.  8. And do you think that will have an impact on the milestones that the GNY team has set out to hit? Absolutely. There's no doubt in my mind that when interest comes back into the market, that the GNY ecosystem will benefit from it. Actually, in many ways, GNY will be a part of the solution, because they have the ability to bring in non-blockchain people into the space by utilising the ML platform. This is great for adoption. We need real users in this space before anything meaningful is going to happen, and GNY is already focused on doing that. So, as they build out the platform and gain more customers, the network effect will naturally follow.  8. What kind of projects are you wanting to see that you just don't see enough of? Projects with true social impact. Technology does us no good if it is not improving the quality of people's lives.  9. Lastly tell our readers one thing about yourself you are immensely proud of. I am immensely proud of my heart to give. I want to bless people, and to grow as a person so that I can be an encouragement and a role model for younger people. Don't get me wrong, I would love to be wealthy, but it's worthless in my eyes if you don't give back, and I want to give back.

Billy can be found on Telegram @RobotComms and Twitter @bloqchains

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