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Magic Wish Technology Grant

GNY awards the Magic Wish Technology Grant bi-annually to distinguished charitable partners with a committed track record of using data to advance their missions. Magic Wish grantees will work with our engineers to build a custom DApp powered by GNY to solve for their most pressing and complex data problems and enjoy a supply of GNY tokens for the duration of their program.

Every 2 years a number of organizations will be selected for the grant, and all eligible organizations are encouraged to apply. Magic Wish Grants are best for organizations already deeply involved with data, analytics, and technology.

Magic Wish grantees receive :

- A dedicated GNY liaison to analyze and refine their data challenges, facilitate construction a custom GNY engine to attack the problem, and two years of technical support to refine the application

- An annual supply of GNY tokens to power their DApp as long as the Magic Wish charitable requirements continue to be met.

Interested in applying?

Latest Social Impact Partner

GNY is proud to announce that the latest recipient of its Magic Wish Technology Grant is Child Rescue Coalition. The non-profit rescues children from sexual abuse by building technology, free of charge, for law enforcement to track, arrest, and prosecute child predators.


To date, Child Rescue Coalition technology is directly responsible for the arrest of over 10,500 predators and the rescue of over 2,400 child victims. Law enforcement officers in all 50 US states and 84 countries across the globe use Child Rescue Coalition’s proprietary, one-of-a-kind technology.

Child Rescue Coalition is excited to partner with GNY to enhance the robust platform on which tens of thousands of law enforcement officers rely. CRC extensively utilizes blockchain, and the partnership with GNY will greatly enhance the product offerings, leading to the increased rescue of victimized children and the furthering of the mission of Protecting Innocence Through Technology.

​Research shows that as many as 85% of online offenders are already hands-on offenders of children in real life. The entire GNY team is committed to working with Child Rescue to see how our machine learning technology can help them provide new and improved tools for law enforcement.

To learn more about Child Rescue Coalition's critical work, donate, and get involved visit their website at

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