Technical Timeline

Q1 2021

GNY Mainchain Launch

GNY Mainchain will provide users a platform to build their own applications, with ML integration if desired. They will have the ability to launch their own coins, access and use their fully functioning wallet, plus much more.

Q2 2021 

GNY Dataplace Launch

GNY Dataplace  a decentralized data marketplace to monetize datasets, ML functions, predictions and ML expertise. Dataplace provides a  community driven environment to invest in ML creation, driving both powerful results and revenue from successful Projects. More on the Dataplace here.

Q3 2021 

GNY Sidechain Functionality

GNY Sidechains will provide developers the ability to securely store their data, implement their business logic, and build their own branded front ends.


GNY's sidechains will be fully encrypted. This ensures that the delegates hosting the nodes that secure the sidechain and those that secure the GNY Mainchain will be unable to see the sidechain's sensitive data. Businesses can take advantage of GNY's blockchain and machine learning toolkits securely and with confidence.

Q4 2021 

GNY Brain Fully Decentralised On GNY Mainchain

Harness full machine learning without sharing your data with third parties, or if you prefer utilise GNY's advanced privacy controls to analyse datasets with collaborators.


GNY Brain integration will bring advanced UX to the GNY Wallet, allowing users flexible and nimble control of ML functionalities and data sharing.