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GNY, your "Blockchain on Command", is proud to launch the GNY Testnet. This is another important step in advancing our mission to make it so that anyone can access GNY's powerful set of tools to launch and host projects from conception to implementation in the most developer friendly environment built around artificial intelligence.

​Minimum specs

To allow you run a GNY node you will require:

CPU: 2c
Memory: 4GB 
Hard Disk space: 40G 

The Purpose of Testnet

GNY Testnet is a live DPOS network that allows an operator to create a node on our network, register to become a delegate, become voted into a forging position, and start to secure the GNY test network as one of the 101 node operators.

The GNY Testnet also allows for the sending of transactions and creation of private keys to access wallets. Our Testnet is a copy of the GNY network intended for testing purposes only.  The greatest advantage of a Testnet is it provides a safe "sandbox" to experiment within, so that if proposed code changes ended up problematic they will have no impact on the main GNY ecosystem. We want all clients of the GNY machine learning platform to have the utmost confidence they are interacting with a stable and secure network.

​Node Setup

Setup is straightforward and you will be supported by the community and the resources provided below by the GNY team.

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 Telegram Testnet Group