Tokens -We have two. 

Tokens - We have two

Both GNY and LML are utility tokens, and allow users to harness our proprietary machine learning platform. However they are designed for specialized applications. Learn which is right for you.  

GNY Token

The GNY Token powers machine learning applications that are built using our GNY API, or DPOS applications built as sidechains off of GNY Center. To watch demonstrations for how to download and install your own GNY side chain check out our Demos Page.

Where can I buy/trade GNY Tokens?

GNY is currently traded at some of the top global exchanges. Click below to visit exchanges and explore your GNY Token purchase and trading options.


When will GNY Centre launch?

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GNY has already launched an API Demo, and is working on releasing additional demostrations for how GNY can improve customer suggestions for retailers, and predictions for publishing. The full GNY Centre will launch in the Fall of 2019.  Visit our Technical page for more information and timelines. 

What does it do?

 LML Tokens

The LML Token was created exclusively for one of our favorite blockchain development teams, LISK. LML will allow the Lisk ecosystem to add our machine learning capability to sidechain deployment.


Developers will have the tools to reach consumers with better and more genuine interactions. The additional of ML built in to the LISK network will provide an advantage to developers in insurance, medical, and a near limitless combination of Dapps build on the platform. 

Where can I buy/trade LML Tokens?

LML is currently traded at BitBay and other exchanges are forthcoming, but first we are stablizing the trading price after the Cryptopia Hack.

What is GNY doing for those who suffered LML losses during the Cryptopia hack?

We are taking all actions possible to protect our customers and restore the trading integrity of LML. Read our official statement on our blog. Limited (as the issuer of the GNY tokens) has obtained a specific consent from the Jersey Company Registry, part of the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Whilst this consent does not give the ICO or Limited a ‘regulated’ status, it mandates a set of conditions designed to ensure that Limited meets specific standards in terms of governance, investor disclosure and AML/CFT compliance.

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