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Where can you buy/trade GNY Tokens?

GNY is currently traded at some of the top global exchanges.  Click below to visit the individual exchanges and explore your GNY Token purchase & trading options.

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We are pleased to announce that GNY tokens are now available to trade via the Uniswap decentralised exchange. 

Then simply add the following GNY token contract and you are ready to trade:  0x247551f2eb3362e222c742e9c788b8957d9bc87e

The GNY Token Is A Utility Token

These utility tokens allow their holders the right to access the GNY network and to obtain the advantage of voting for the node operators that secure the GNY network.

Granting Access To The GNY Network

The GNY token essentially powers all the actions within our secure and scalable platform. This covers everything from launching your own cryptographic tokens, decentralized applications (DApps), and sidechain projects, to accessing our commercial grade machine learning directly on chain to unlock new patterns in your data. For example third-party DApps launched on the system will require lock up of tokens. GNY tokens are a vital part of the internal economy within the GNY system.

Vote For Node Operators With Your Tokens

The GNY blockchain runs on a delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm. This consensus method was selected by the GNY project team as it is democratic (token holders vote for up to 101 delegates that will secure the network on their behalf), and because it is scalable, being able to process more transactions per second than many other consensus algorithms.

GNY token holders who are prospective delegates will be required to signal ownership of 187500 GNY tokens. They will be required to signal ownership of the tokens in their wallet and on confirmation of making voting position the tokens will lock. Delegates can unlock tokens at any time instantly removing themselves from delegate position.

All transaction fees on the network will return to the operators of the nodes securing the network. All machine learning functionality token cost required to operate the ML system will return to the operators of the nodes securing the network.

Be they delegates or not, GNY token holders can vote proportional to their token count (vote weight) for other delegates to elevate their chosen delegates towards a forging position within the 101. Forging delegates may see it fit to share a portion of their forging rewards with their voters. This token sharing will be determined by the individual delegates.

​ Limited (as the issuer of the GNY tokens) has obtained a specific consent from the Jersey Company Registry, part of the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Whilst this consent does not give the ICO or Limited a ‘regulated’ status, it mandates a set of conditions designed to ensure that Limited meets specific standards in terms of governance, investor disclosure and AML/CFT compliance.

All US business is done through our affiliate Grey Jean Technologies LLC 

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